Virus Removal and Internet Security Software

Can you help  with virus removal or install/renew my internet security software ?

Yes. We can help even if you are not sure if you have a virus or if you need internet security.  We give a free estimate if you are in the Doncaster area. So Please Call us 07983 340259

What is a Virus?

A virus is known under many names some are below:

  • Adware- these produces adverts often all over the screen advertising many things.
  • Re-directs- trying to get to a website and you keep been taken else where this could be your problem.
  • Trojan – this can allow malicious users access to your computer.
  • Encrypting/Ransomware- this holds your computer hostage asking for a fee to let you use your computer again.
  • Hidden virus –  if your computer is running very slowly this can be a hidden virus
  • Plus much moreHow Can I Tell If I Have A Virus

Viruses can work in a lots of different ways.

Here are some problems that could occur that will help you decide if your computer is infected:

  • Your computer is running very slowly.
    example of a fake virus scan
    Example of a fake virus scan.
  • Computer programs are not working right.
  • You cannot print even though the printer is installed.
  • You find unusual error messages especially when starting your computer.
  • Your internet security or antivirus program is not working correctly.
  • Your internet security or antivirus cannot be installed in your computer or cannot run.
  • New and unusual icons appear on your desktop.
  • A program you have used can’t be found on your computer.
  • Pop-up’s or advertisements appear on your computer or when browsing the internet.
  • A scan runs on your computer that cannot be cancelled and then asks for money to fix errors
  • Your computer is blocked warning you that your computer has been blocked by the FBI or Police for illegal activity and a payment is required
  • You cannot get to a website and end up somewhere else on the internet.

These are only a few of the issues that can be caused by a virus. You may experience non all or some of the above. If in doubt please get in touch.

Internet security Software

Can you install internet security software for me/renew my subscription?

Yes we can install a free antivirus and you just pay for the time taken, however we always recommend a full internet security program for better protection against viruses and malicious software please call to book this 07983 340259


The internet security and antivirus software we use and recommend to others is BullGuard Internet Security.

Bullguard Internet Security
Bullguard Internet Security

BullGuard Internet Security delivers the best security tools to simply protect you from all online threats:

  • Award-winning technology with multiple protection layers for superior virus catch rates – as testified by independent labs
  • Elegantly simple interface makes management of your security easy
  • Easy-to-use and powerful Parental Control keeps your kids safe from cyberbullying and predators
  • Free 5GB of advanced backup to keep your most important data, photos, music and more, safe and to easily share them
  • 3-PC licence and FREE upgrades to new versions
  • Safeguard against crashes and keep your computer running smoothly with PC tune up
  • Stop unwanted applications from taking over your browser, toolbar and search engine

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