Eco/Green Commitment

We all know computers are not very green. They use power and lots of it. The printer, the monitor and the computer itself. All of this does not help when trying to be as green or as eco as possible. In computer repairs this can be even worse, Sometimes you need another computer just to try to fix the first.

However every little helps.

Here at TECCS Limited we try in many ways to be as eco or green as possible. Below is what we do to try to help


  • We use as little paper as possible.
  • We only print what we really need to print.
  • We use scrap, old or misprinted paper where possible for notes, ideas and messages.


  • We use recycled cartridges in our printers with high quality ink.
  • We print in draft and black only where possible.
  • We only print what we really need to print.


  • We turn off all monitors when not in use.
  • We turn off all printers/scanners when not in use.
  • We turn off all computers when not needed.
  • We only leave computers on overnight when really needed.
  • We turn off all equipment we can when not in use.


  • We use LED spotlights when working inside computers.
  • We try to make as much use of natural light as possible.
  • In our work areas we use LED lighting.


  • We recycle all paper unless it has sensitive information on it.
  • Cans are recycled.
  • Plastic bottles are recycled or reused.
  • Cardboard is recycled.
  • Cardboard boxes are reused or recycled.

Energy Efficiency

  • The building we use has good insulation including roof insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Old Computers and Electronic Waste

  • We reuse electronics as second hand parts.
  • We recycle bits we cannot use either to other people or businesses or to the local recycling.