Laptop Repair

Can I get my Laptop fixed with TECCS Limited?

Yes we do laptop repairs in Branton and all areas of Doncaster and surrounding areas. We fix all makes and models of laptops netbooks, ultrabooks, and notebook PC’s, from Dell to HP and Lenovo. So call us on 07983 340259 or Contact us.

Common laptop repairs.

Laptop not working on battery

If your laptop fails to turn on when on battery it can be because of many different problems.

Common reasons for battery issues are:

  • Your battery isn’t connected properly.
  • Safety your battery has detected a problem so stopped itself from working
  • your battery isn’t getting a charge
  • Many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

Laptop screen is broken

This is such a common laptop issue it has its own page

laptop screen repair.

Laptop fails to boot.

If your laptop fails to boot it can be because of many different problems.

Common reasons for boot failure are:

  • You may have no power.
  • The power supply might be broken.
  • The power button might have stopped working.
  • The computer turns on but doesn’t load into Windows or even has nothing on screen.
  • Many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

Slow laptop.

If your laptop is running slow it can be caused by a few things.

Common reasons for slowness are:

  • You have a hard drive and it is failing. (Hard drives are mechanical and can start to fail to read data).
  • You have the Windows 10 or newer operating system and are still using a hard drive and not a solid state drive (SSD) Windows 10 and later need much faster drives than previous versions of windows.
  • Viruses and malicious software, not all viruses and malicious software is easy to spot. we can use specialist software and our experience to make sure you computer is clean. we can also provide internet security software.
  •  Old “junk files” can clutter up areas of your hard drive taking up space and time for the drive to read all the data, we can help clear this junk up.
  • Many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

Poor internet connection

If your laptop computer is having problems with the internet it can be frustrating and hard for someone to diagnose.

Common reasons for internet connection issues are:

  • Bad WiFi signals to all areas of your home or business, this is one of the most common reasons.
  • Broken or old router, people don’t change service providers and are using outdated technology.
  • Problems with your internet service provider, sometimes your supplier has a problem.
  • Many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

Windows fails to load properly

If your laptop was turned off or crashed and now windows won’t load correctly it can be confusing and scary.

Common windows boot issues are:

  • You get to windows and are getting strange error messages.
  • Your laptop tries to boot and then says it is trying to fix windows start up but fails.
  • Blue screen error messages
  • Your laptop goes to a strange menu you have never seen before.
  • Windows update fails
  • Hardware failure
  • Many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

Many other problems

Do you have a problem not listed here or are not sure what your problem is? then contact us

If your laptop can’t be fixed and you want to buy a new one find out more information buy a laptop

If you are wanting information about desktop computer repairs please follow this link