Laptop Repairs In Branton and Doncaster

Laptop Repairs In Branton and Doncaster

I have a Laptop that I need repairing can you help?

Yes. We do Laptop Repairs In Branton and Doncaster, netbooks, ultrabooks, and notebook PC’s, and many other types of portable computers as well. So call us 07983 340259


Common computer repairs. To find out more about these issues please click on them:

So if you have any of these problems or you are not sure what your problem is please ring 07983 340259 or contact us by any of the ways on our contact us page.

Laptop fails to boot

There are many your Laptop fails to boot, you may have no power, or the power supply might be broken and many other reasons. So if you can’t get your laptop to turn on. Or it turns on but keeps resetting we can help you.

Slow running Laptop

Slow running laptops can be caused by a few things. common reasons are: failing hard drives (They are mechanical and as they fail reading data takes longer). Viruses can also slow a computer down even if you cannot see anything obviously virus like, please visit our virus removal and internet security page. Another reason for slow hard drive is old “junk files” collected over time taking up space and time for your hard drive. We can help with diagnosing the problem and fixing it for you

Laptop doesn’t Work On battery

Laptops run on batteries and power leads. Batteries have a limited life span. So if you use your laptop a lot or you use your laptop on power most of the time you probably need your battery replacing. Please be aware cheap batteries can be counterfeit and may not be safe to use with your laptop. We only use genuine batteries

Laptop doesn’t seem to be getting power

This is another common problems with laptops. Often this can be a problem with the power lead (please don’t use another computers lead on your laptop as this can damage it.) The other common power issue is that the DC power jack in the laptop is loose. We can fix both these issues and other power issues

Laptop screen is broken

This is such a common laptop issue that the problem has its own page laptop screen repair.

Plus many other problems

Do you have a problem not listed or are not sure what your problem is then contact us

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