Back to School

It’s back to school time again.

Schools are now more dependent on computers from doing their work at school on a laptop to doing their homework..The new school year can be an excellent time to buy a new computer or laptop.

Why would I buy a new computer for back to school, I have an old one I don’t use any more the kids can use that right?

This might not be the best idea here are a few reasons why:

Can you help me decide if I want a back to school laptop or a back to school computer?

Yes we can discuss what you need the space you have and whether you need¬† a laptop or a computer, All our systems are bought/built specifically for you that way we aren’t just trying to sell you something we have in stock. These can be supplied quickly once you have decided on a product.

I would like to discuss getting a back to school laptop or computer can i get some more details?

Of course, you can find some more details of what we can provide on our buy a new PC computer or laptop page. Or if you would like to discuss this further/ get specific details you can contact us via any of the methods on our contact us page.