Slow Computer

Can you fix my computer it’s running very slowly?

Yes we can help Having a slow computer can be really frustrating, it can make it so you can’t get your work done and can even make you not want to turn your computer on as it takes so long to boot up it doesn’t feel worth the effort. If your PC is running slow it can be caused by a few things.

Common reasons for slowness are:

Failing hard drive

Failing hard drives can be devastating, it can start with the computer being slow and then at any moment the drive could fail completely losing all your important data, documents and photos. It is hard for people to realise there drive is failing as it can happen slowly, although this is not the case all the time. The symptoms can also be wide from slowness, strange noises, random crashes and the computer intermittently not starting.

Windows 10 or later operating system

You have the Windows 10 or newer operating system and are still using a hard drive and not a solid state drive (SSD) Windows 10 and later need much faster drives than previous versions of Windows. This means that if they are using a hard drive (especially a slower one) that the hard drive is at 100% capacity at all times before even using the computer. this is a big bottle neck and an upgrade to an SSD is the best way to solve the problem. Additional RAM may also be a good option.

Virus and malicious software

You may have one or more viruses and/or malicious software installed, not all viruses and malicious software are easy to spot but it will slow the computer down. These run in the background not only doing their nasty business but using up resources and changing settings so the computer is running badly. We can use specialist software and our experience to make sure you computer is clean speeding up your machine. we can also provide internet security software if required.

Junk files

you may have old “junk files”  that can clutter up areas of your hard drive taking up space and time for the drive to read all the data. It can be most noticeable if you have had the computer a long time. We can help clear this junk up and give your computer the maintenance it needs.

Many other reasons

There are many other reasons, we can help fix them all.

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