Broken Laptop Screen

My screen has broken on my laptop can your repair this?

Yes TECCS offer a laptop screen repair or replacement service. 

There are many problems that can occur with a broken laptop screen some of the most common are listed below.

If your screen needs replacing there may also be a second-hand screen option available depending on make and model.

Cracked/Broken Laptop Screen

This is by far the most common issue with a laptop screen.The damage is easily seen on the screen glass or there are colour lines on the screen and often bleeding of the LCD liquid. In this case the screen should be replaced. Sometimes you will not get a picture on the screen at all.

The screen gets cracked when the laptop is dropped or pressure/shock is applied to the laptop.

Dead Pixel Problem

The images on display are made from thousands of little dots if some of these get damaged it is easily seen and can be very distracting. In this case the screen should be replaced.

Screen With A Faint or Dark Image

Laptops use backlight to improve brightness and visibility of your screen. If there is any issue with the backlight the screen will be extremely difficult to see and dark . this can be caused by many issues from software to major problems with the laptop itself.

Flickering Screen Problem

If the screen flickers brighter and darker or on and off, then the inverter, screen or graphics card can be the problem. The inverter is the power for the backlight. If your laptop screen is a solid white colour, then the problem can also be a bad cable connection.

Not Sure What The Problem Is

If you have a problem with your screen and are not sure what the problem is please call us 07983 340259 or Contact us We offer a free collection and drop off service in Doncaster and surrounding areas..