Computer Backup

What is data backup?

A backup, or backing up, is the copying and archiving of a computers data items such as photos videos, documents and in some cases an exact copy of the computer. This means that if data is deleted or corrupted, the hard drive breaks or the computer breaks and cannot be repaired all your data is not lost as it is a copy backed up in more than one location.

What types of  data backup are there?

There are two main types of data backup with different ways to make them work.

Cloud backup

This is where you use the internet to take your date via a secure connection and back it up off your property. this way if there is a fire etc. all your important data is stored elsewhere

Onsite backup

This is where data is backed up to some device in your house. usually a hard drive or memory stick but could also be a network attached storage device.

How can TECCS Limited help me with backing up my data?

TECCS can come out to you and discuss your backup needs. we can help you decide what backup type you need and prices for the different types. We can discuss the options below plus others that may be available to you

  • Windows system image (full copy of your hard drive in a way windows can understand it)
  • Windows backup (the backup software installed with windows that is free to use)
  • External Hard Drives backup (a large storage device that you can use to backup your data to)
    USB memory stick Backup (a smaller slower device you can use to backup your data to)
  • Cloud Backup
  • NAS Backup (Network attached storage drive a device for onsite backups)
  • Data Replication Services/drive cloning (copying your data exactly as it is to another device or drive)
  • Business Backup Systems
  • Remote Backup (similar to cloud backup but it uses your own NAS devices in a separate location and copies it directly for offsite backup)
  • Cloud Storage (copies of your data online does not have file versions and is only updated when you update it)So if you would like help setting up a backup in the Doncaster area please get in touch