bBitdefender Internet Security

We are pleased to announce We are moving from Bullguard Internet Security to Bitdefender internet security some of the important information and why we are moving to Bitdefender is below

Reasons for leaving Bullguard

The main reason for our move away from Bullguard is that the company has been taken over by a bigger company.


Norton is not the best internet security

We look for the best services for our customers and we found the following issues:

  • Norton products are bloated and resource intensive, this means that it slows your computer down.
  • Norton insists on having your card details even if you have purchased a product before you can activate it. this means they can set up a recurring payment so you will be hit with a surprise renewal bill.
  • Norton renewals are generally much more expensive than what can be provided by TECCS Limited.
  • Norton customer service reviews are low scoring.
  • From personal experience with Norton installed on computers Norton can fail to install properly or break and cause massive problems with the computer.

So why Bitdefender?

  • Bit defender is lighter on resources than Norton products.
  • Their reviews are much better.
  • they have consistently won awards for their internet security products from reputable companies see them here

I currently have Bullguard Internet Security I got through you so what now?

Continue to use Bullguard. the product is still supported and I will continue to support you with it until your licence runs out.

What happens when my licence runs out with bullguard?

The experience is going to be similar to before. We will book you in and we will come to you. Now however rather than bringing a Bullguard licence to you renewing and giving advice we will uninstall bullguard install Bitdefender and give you a little tour of it.

I have questions

Then please feel free to get in touch with us Our contact page