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4 reasons you need a VPN in 2018

4 reasons you need a VPN in 2018


VPNs help you bypass censorship and stay private online


A VPN is your key to unlock the internet of the world, not just your region. Better still, it gives you anonymity and a degree of online security at the same time. What’s not to like? Here are four reasons you need one in 2018..

1. Access geoblocked content

The first reason is probably the most consumer-friendly. Accessing geoblocked content such as American Netflix, where the content available is vastly greater than the UK’s, is a clear benefit. Is it legal? That’s a bit of a grey area as there hasn’t been a definite ruling from the courts on either side yet.

With that in mind, a VPN is a good investment if you’re travelling, especially if you want to access Netflix or a similar service while you’re away. Travel to Equatorial Guinea, for example, and you’ll be limited to a choice of 204 TV shows and 488 movies, in comparison to the UK’s library of 542 and 2,425 respectively.

Note: the US library is currently at 1,326 TV shows and 4,339 movies.


2. Don’t let ISPs see your data

Online censorship is getting stricter. The UK government even passed the Snoopers’ Charter this year, which means ISPs will need to keep logs on activities of their customers for at least 12 months. A blow for net neutrality.

One way you can fight back is by using a VPN. That’s because VPNs encrypt your data, meaning ISPs can’t monitor your online activity. Provided you pick a VPN provider that isn’t based in a Five Eyes country (UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), governments won’t be able to access any logs the VPN provider may have on you either.

It’s worth noting that most good VPNs don’t keep logs on their users. Any VPNs that do, and then hand over this data to third parties (including governments), will lose all credibility – so it’s in the VPN provider’s own interest to keep this data safe.

Also, logic suggests that it’s in the interest of VPNs to keep any data they do have on their customers safe to protect their reputation as “private network” providers.


3. Keep Big Brother away

Our government is generally pretty good with internet censorship – the vast majority of sites are not blocked. However, travel the world and you’ll notice not all countries are as liberal. Countries such as South Korea, China, Vietnam and Tunisia – to name just a few – all censor which websites you can visit.

When you’re in these countries, a VPN is vital. China, for example, blocks mainstream sites such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox… the list goes on.

Thankfully, VPNs provide a simple way to sidestep this problem. Just turn it on, select a major country (based in the West), and you’ve got full uncensored internet again.

4. Public Wi-Fi with confidence

If you only needed one reason to get a VPN, this is it. Using a public Wi-Fi connection without a VPN is fraught with danger. Without proper protection, you’re putting yourself at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks where hackers can access and interpret the data being sent/received from your device.

On a personal level, this puts your passwords at risk. On a financial level, your bank details could also be compromised. Professionally, sensitive work files could be hijacked.

Encrypting your data at the source by using a VPN is the first step you should take to protect yourself when using a public network.


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