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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends 29/07/2016

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends 29/07/2016

Windows 10 has been released almost twelve months. Unfortunately for some, that also means that the free upgrade period is nearly over. You have probably seen a notice prompting you to upgrade before it’s too late. After this point costs become higher, should you want to upgrade after the 29th of July. A license will be quite high £99.00 or more depending on where you buy from.


Microsoft has again told the computing world that the Windows 10 free upgrade, from earlier editions of Windows, is only available until the 29th July. The new anniversary Update will be pushing through via Windows Update on the 2nd of August. So far, we know that Microsoft are bringing improvements to signing into Windows 10 machines, through pairing with mobile phones, fingerprint scanners, and wearable technology.This is  a vast improvement in system security. Furthermore we will also be expecting to see better cross compatibility between console and PC with Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One.

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Currently, and up to the 29th of July, Windows 10 can be upgraded to using any Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license. This won’t be the case after this month however, so please contact TECCS Computer Repairs and have your system upgraded for you for just £40 That includes all drivers, updates, and we install some free software that will help you to use your computer straight away.


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