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We Take The Security Of Customers And Equipment Very Seriously

We Take The Security Of Customers And Equipment Very Seriously

We take the security of of our customers and their equipment seriously. We are always looking for ways to improve this. This is why we have recently added CCTV to help prevent break-ins with the idea of a deterrent. and if the unfortunate does happen. there will be video footage to help with police investigations and to help speed along any insurance claims should this be a problem.


About The CCTV

CCTVI am not going to tell you everything about the CCTV setup to keep the system as secure as possible, but here are a few of the features the CCTV includes.


  • 720p High definition Resolution on all cameras.
  • Night Vision.
  • PTZ (movable camera by remote control).
  • 2 Way audio (Can talk and hear whatever is said by a camera. any burglars can be warned the police are on their way).
  • Multiple recordings of the camera feeds.
  • Multiple trusted monitoring of cameras.
  • Motion detection Alarm (through both the camera and to people monitoring the cameras)
  • Plus much more.

We do this so you feel safe in the knowledge your equipment is safe with us.


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