Website updateOur New Website Design

We are pleased to announce our new website designed from the ground up. It has taken a lot of time and effort to get our website up and running. There is still some work to be done however the vast majority is done. So why has TECCS Limited created this new website, there are a few reasons so see below.

Better for our customers who use phone and tablets

Our old website wasn’t very compatible with mobile phones or tablets. Menus didn’t show up, the website didn’t resize to the screen size on some phones and tablets. and the font’s and sizes were not very good to see and read. this wasn’t good for our customers as they couldn’t find what they needed or find how to get in touch with us.

We believe it looks better

We spent a lot of time thinking about how the website looks. At TECCS Limited we wanted a simple design that looks nice and is simple to use and won’t go out of fashion in two weeks.

Easier to read

Over time the fonts on the website got mixed up, this meant different pages had different fonts and different sizes. The bigger the website got the more each separate page looked different. The layout of pages changed the fonts sizes changed and in the end some of the fonts were to hard to read due to the font size or choice.  we have now selected a font that looks good on all devices and has set sizes.

The website loads faster

Over time the old website slowed down. we tried to make it so it had more features, work better for our customers and ourselves. these additions bogged down the website. We have looked into alternatives for everything we used and have found them. they work as well as before if not better and do’t slow the website down.  this means faster website loading so your not waiting around. It also helps reduce data usage on mobile phones, so a better experience all round really.

Dark mode

Dark mode is an option the change the colours of the screen to a black background.  A lot of people like dark mode as it helps save battery, helps with glare and people find it more comfortable to view. So why not try toggling the switch you can always turn it off again.

Better search results

Our main goal when setting up business was to help people having problems with their computers. How can we do that if people can’t find us on the internet. We are hoping all the changes we have done will help with this.