Computer Backups Tickhill

Do you have your important pictures and documents backed up? A backup means that the data is in 2 different places, a fact many people do not realize. Losing important data is one of the most frustrating and stressful things that can happen. TECCS can help you buy and set up a backup solution that works for you. Get in touch for info.

Recently TECCS Limited were in Tickhill. Our custmomer had unfortunately got a failing hard drive so the computer wasn’t booting correctly he also didn’t have a backup. ALL his important photos and documents would have been lost if the drive had fully failed.

This time the customer was lucky we were able to get the photos back. but he lost some important programs he has had to repay for. which could have been prevented.


So if you have a computer with important software and photos/documents on it please get in touch so we can help you set up a backup and prevent future loss.