Slow Computer Repair Doncaster

If you are needing a quality slow computer repair company in Branton and the surrounding area of Doncaster including Aukley, Austerfield, Armthorpe, Bessacarr, Blaxton, Cantley, Finningly and all other areas of Doncaster TECCS LIMITED is in your local I.T. business and has won awards based on customer satisfaction. We offer an affordable repair service and are customer focused.


Yesterday I had a client ring and ask me to look at their computer as it was loading slowly and running a bit slow. There are a few reasons that you have a slow computer. this laptop was a Windows 8 generation laptop so a few years old. It had an older slow 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

This on a Windows 10 computer can make things really slow. Especially if you have lots of programs starting when your computer starts.

AT TECCS Limited we rectified The clients problems by doubling the amount of RAM in their computer to 8 gigabytes (a recommended amount of RAM for modern computing). and we cloned her old drive to her new SSD (solid state drive). SSD’s can be up to 10 times faster than standard mechanical drives. Every client I have recommended an SSD to and has had one installed has been very impressed.


So if your computer or laptop is running slow please get in touch



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