credit card machine

At TECCS Limited we are always looking at ways to make our business work for our customers better. We started our business on cash and bank transfer only and as we have grown we added taking payment at your property with a credit/debit card machine. This allowed us to take payment from Cards such as VISA MasterCard Maestro and American Express. As Technology became available we upgraded our machine and are able to take contactless payments.

Then came a big improvement for our customers we were able to take payment by Paypal. This meant  that we were able to take payment from our online shop. or direct when on site.

To make it even easier you are now able to pay by Paypal directly from your receipt. just follow the link on your receipt and it will take you to the payment area. Follow the instructions and pay your invoice quickly and easily.

Don’t have a Paypal account you can still make a one off payment without creating an account.

What if I don’t want to pay by Paypal?

If you don’t want to pay by Paypal that isn’t a problem. This was set up as another option for people to choose to make it easier for them if it’s not easier for you then don’t use it.

We still accept payment via our physical card reader while we are with you or payment in cash or by bank transfer please use whichever is best for you.


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