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Firefox Browser Shortcut Keys

Firefox Browser Shortcut Keys

What Are Shortcut Keys And How We Use Them in Mozilla Firefox

Shortortcut keys are very helpful in operating and using Computer Software Programs. For efficient working in less time it is very easiest and fastest method. With the help of Keyboard we can do our work in a Professional way. Shortcut keys are the mixture of Alt, Shift, and ctrl command used with a single letter or any symbol.

Mozilla Firefox is common and well-known browser on the Internet. Firefox entertain users with many features like speed, safe and sound interface and great browsing experience. If we want to work faster with Firefox we should follow Firefox Specification Shortcut keys that will save us time.

Shortcut KeysCheck them out

Shortcut keys and Description
Alt + Home Opening of Home page

Alt + Left Arrow(Backspace) For going to Back page
Alt + Right Arrow For Going Forward page.

Ctrl + O For Opening page.
Ctrl + R or F5 For Refreshing page.
Esc For Stop page or download from loading and Close Tab Group view
End For going to Bottom of current page.
Home For Top of the current Page
Ctrl + T Open a New tab
Ctrl + W Close Tab
Ctrl + N For New Window opening
Alt + F4 For Closing Window
Ctrl + Tab Switch to Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to Previous Tab
Ctrl + Enter Quickly complete address
Ctrl + D Add a bookmark for the currently page opened.
Ctrl + I For displaying Available Bookmarks
Ctrl + J For showing display window
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Move the Cursor to the Search box
F11 Display the current Website in full Screen mode. Pressing again F11 to will exit this mode
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo the close of Tab
Ctrl + Shift + E Tab Groups view
Ctrl + ` Next Tab Group
Ctrl + Shift +` Previous Tab Group
Ctrl + H To show Sidebar History
Ctrl + Shift + Del To clear recent history
Ctrl + A Bookmark All tabs
Add-ones Ctrl + Shift +A



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