Apple Mac Repairs In Branton and Doncaster

Apple Mac Repairs In Branton and Doncaster

Do you do Apple Mac Repairs?

Yes TECCS offer a Wide range of Apple Mac repairs with a free estimate and free collection & drop off service in Branton and Doncaster and surrounding areas. so please call 07983 340259 or contact us

Here Are some of the common repairs we do please click on them for more information:

We Repair all versions of Apple computers the lists below are just some of the common Apple computers for reference.

 IMac/MacBook/Mackbook Pro Broken Glass and Screen Repairs

One of the most common issues with Apple Computers And Laptop computers is screen problems. The glass or screen might crack due to an accident or there may be lines on the screen or no screen displayed at all.

Mac OS Problems And Hard Drive Problems

Any damage or failure to the Hard drive may cause problems with the computer loading, error messages or hanging on the boot screen or just making the computer work very slow.

Mac OS issues may happen when the machine hasn’t been turned off properly due to a power cut or users just pressing the power button .

If your hard drive is failing it will need replacing, but software issues can usually be repaired.

IMac/MacBook/MacBook Pro Overheating And Fan Problems

Apple computers as with other computers run very hot. The fans in the computers over time become blocked or start to fail. This can lead to your computer crashing or even damage sensitive components . Fans can be cleaned out or replaced but it is very important to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

IMac/MacBook/MacBook Pro Memory Problems

Sometimes RAM also fails in a computer or comes loose if the computer is dropped so if you keep getting the computer freezing or not booting this could be the cause.

IMac/MacBook/MacBook Pro Optical Drive Problems

If your Apple computer has an optical drive that has stopped reading disks. then it can be replaced for a new one.

MacBook/MacBook Pro Battery Issue

Batteries on Apple laptops like any other laptop have a limited life. after a while the battery will keep less charge and you will start getting the messages like replace soon, replace now or service battery. most Apple laptops require you to take the laptop apart to replace the battery.

MacBook/MacBook Pro Keyboard, TrackPad Issue

The keyboard and track pad are input devices to Apple laptops. If any liquid is spilt on them or the keyboard or trackpad stops working due to being dropped or damaged it can cause frustration or work not being able to be done. These components will then need replacing.

Other Apple Mac Problems

If you are having a problem with any Apple computer that is not listed please feel free to call 07983 340259 or  Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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